Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting Out

We're back on rainy day schedule. The kids get as stir crazy as I do being in the house all day so we try to think of creative ideas to get us out. My grandma, whom I call Blano (it's just what I've always called her), got us a pass to the children's museum for Christmas. We go often and they love it.

They love this train. They press a button that says 'All Aboard!' and it cracks them up. Side note, when did Maxwell's hair turn into a curly mullet? Just as we're getting Ella's under control...maybe it's time for a real haircut. That way I can blame it on someone else if it looks funny.
The little reading nook. Aka, the area that I always bump my head on, really hard. Then I look up and see the other Moms turn away awkwardly and I just want them to look at me so we can laugh so it's not as embarrassing when my forehead is bright red.

More train time. (Again with the curls!)

I asked them to please withdraw money for me and they nodded very seriously, 'Yes Mama.'

Magnet wall. Maxwell is really into letters. He only knows a few but he jumps up and down when he sees an 'M,' 'E' or a 'B.' We always say 'B is for Beck,' which has actually not worked out because now he calls the letter 'B' Beck, instead of 'B.' Oh well. He kind of gets it.

Kitchen play. Ella put everything in her mouth. I felt bad because she was so confused when I kept telling her it was play food and she couldn't eat it.

They LOVE this cash register. I hate it. It makes this really annoying beeping sound over and over and over.

The museum is featuring a really cool space exhibit. Their favorite part? The phones in the control panel on the rocket. Ella was chatting away with my Mom on the phone.


Cristine said...
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Cristine said...

What a great museum for them to explore. Those two sure know how to 'play' and use their imaginations and pretend!!!

Deming said...

Looks like fun Megs. I love Maxwell's curls by the way.

Anna of IHOD said...

Don't you feel like you could just watch them play for hours?! My son plays trains at least an hour everyday and it never gets old watching him.
Happy weekend!