Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Colds and Silly Boy Max

We've had colds around here. No fun. I've had a sore throat that won't go away, but it's not a big deal. The bummer is sick kids. Maxwell is almost over his, but Ella's hot and whinny (literally). It is easier now that they can communicate. They can tell me if they want water or milk, where it hurts, and what they need. Their second birthday is next week so I'm hoping they're getting all the sickies out of the way so we can celebrate on their special day.

This week Maxwell has been especially mischievous. He is driving me crazy, but then looks up at me with that smile and says, 'Awe Mommy,' and it's so hard to stay frustrated. Take yesterday, Ella was running a fever and very clingy. I set her up with Toy Story (that's a whole separate post, they are OBSESSED. It's getting ridiculous). Anyway, I had her situated and I was going around the house picking up and in a matter of five minutes Maxwell managed to get the top off of his cup and dump milk over Ella's head (mind you, we had just finished baths and they were cozy in clean clothes). I put her back in the bath to wash the milk out of her hair and during that time he rediscovered the water spout on the front of the fridge and pressed it so the kitchen was flooded (that counts as me mopping, right?). Later that afternoon he kept saying 'Buzz, poo poo.' I just nodded and honestly kind of ignored him. He finally took my hand to show me the diaper champ. I opened it and found Toy Story toys mixed in with poopy diapers. Joy.

None of that is really a big deal. It's just kind of a pain. But what do you do? Anyway, we're praying for a healthy family around here! In the meantime, as I'm thinking about my babies turning two, I pulled up pictures from last February. I wish I could borrow these babies for a day.


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

I love hearing about Max's mischief. It makes me feel better. Both my kids are into EVERYTHING too. It's a full time job just chasing them around, keeping them out of trouble.

Those pictures are so cute. I know what you mean about wanting them to be little again for 1 day. Wouldn't that be awesome? They grow too fast.

Sarah R.Conley said...

BUZZ POO POO! Baha haha

mike and hillary said...

you're an amazing mom. i would have lost it. probably with the milk, but for sure with the flooded kitchen (and YES, totally counts as mopping!). i'm not saying this to say that i think your kid is bad...its normal kid stuff, but just to point out that its hard (and annoying). especially on top of having a sick, clingy girl. you're a good mommy.

Band of Brothers said...

precious babies. so sorry about the sickies. i have a sore throat too and it's no fun.