Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It's 11:55 and I'm sitting down at the computer with my lunch. We ran errands this morning and I just put the kids down for a nap (hopefully). I signed into blogger and I'm skimming my daily reads while eating my tuna sandwich. I scroll down our blog and look for any new comments (is that embarrassing to say?). I notice my last few posts and smile. I've got it made! I get get to stay home with my kids and play, and for this I'm grateful. But what I'm really smiling about is what I didn't write, and how different real life sometimes looks. I didn't write about the red crayon that went through both the washer and dryer last week. I didn't write about the way that I may have said a naughty word when I had just finished mopping and Maxwell left a trail of yogurt from the couch cushion all the way down the hall (clearly my fault, because I was being lazy and didn't force him to sit in his high chair). I didn't write that it's common for me to give Ella three baths a day because she puts her hands down her poopy pants. This means completely stripping the crib and washing everything from bumpers to sheets to stuffed animals and favorite 'blankies' (which she screams for while they are in the wash). I didn't write about how hard it was at the beach to keep both kids safe while one ran down the sand and the other wanted to chase waves. I didn't write that although my kids love each other, they fight too. And it's exhausting. Sometimes they even bite each other. (NOTE: Ella is currently yelling at me from her crib. She is alternating between 'cookie please' and 'poop.' Do I check on her or risk leaving her in there with the chance that maybe she did poop and she's smearing it all over? Hold on. Let me go check. Ok, I'm back. No poop. Perfect, now I just taught her that if she yells for me I'll come in. But I'm not getting her up yet.). What was I saying? Oh, it's just funny how our blogs can make it look so easy. But what's the alternative? Bitching about everything? How would that be productive, and really, who would want to read that? Anyway, things just aren't always as 'fun' as they may look. Although I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Now please excuse me while I go try to fish out the shovel that Maxwell put in the front grill of my truck. Ella is still calling for me and I just want her to fall asleep. I cherish the days that they both nap at the same time. Just having an hour of quiet time to myself makes such a difference. OK, enough rambling.
Have a good day :)


Charbelle said...

You certainly have your hands full!!! Award for you on my blog :)

Bethany said...

I like the real stuff, its a peak inside of what it is really like, but I also love the pics of the kids, makes me feel like I am watching them grow up.

Ok a blog you need start reading: http://kaseybuick.com/

She is funny and real :)

love you!

C.J. and Jen said...

Love this. It's so true!

mike and hillary said...

oh i just love you!

bethany said...

geez megs, you sure had me fooled ;)
thanks for sharing the ugly side, now i feel justified in saying that my own dear sweet daughter makes me crazy. only half the time.
ahh tuna fish and poop schmear, motherhood is a beautiful thing.

brian, meghan, finley, and adalaide said...

i love reading about the 'real life' stuff. you are such a funny writer. plus, i can relate to most everything! keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

I love your style of writing and enjoy keeping up with all of you!!! Your honesty and transparency is something I truly admire about you!!

The kids are getting so big and cuter each day!!! I love Ella's hair too!!!

Cherish each of these moments! It sure goes by quick. I remember so many trying to tell me that and now having a 14 and 16 year old I realize those times of busy, hectic days go fast but they are treasured memories that will always be etched in my mind!!!

Much love to all of you!
Carrie D.

Michael said...

I'm not a mommy (yet) but I'm waiting for you to write a book on parenting. As stressful and crazy as your life may be you always hold it together and always put your family first. I love you.

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