Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This Week, Two Years Ago

Two years ago the week of July 7th changed my life. It was this week that I found out our egg harvest was successful and I got the phone call that six embryos survived! It is extremely emotional to really  think about what we went through during that summer. The week of July 7th we found out that the embryos had survived, but then we had to hope for a successful embryo transfer. Each day felt soooo long as we waited for the phone call. I can't find the words to explain the...anticipation, anxiety, hope, fear of disappointment. But then the final phone call came. I was pregnant. 'Really pregnant,' the nurse told me, indicating that my hormone levels were high and it was probably two babies. Each week after that I was afraid to believe. Afraid this amazing gift really was too good to be true. Until the weeks turned into months. And my belly swelled so big there was no denying it. And I could feel them move! I would be meeting with a student at school and I'd feel my belly flip flop and it was like a special secret between the babies and I.
Even though our experience was painful, IVF usually doesn't go as smooth as it did for us. I am so grateful for our miracle. We only had to undergo one IVF cycle and we were blessed with Maxwell and Ella. Today I look back two years ago and repeat my gratitude, thank you Lord for these beautiful children.


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

This is an awesome post. I have a dear friend who is struggling with infertility and I pray she gets pregnant this round of IVF.

They really are a blessing (and so cute).

Congratulations to your 2 beautiful babies!

Resisting Perfection said...

What amazing miracles you have! So so happy for you and that momentous day you found out!

Chelsea said...

That is truly amazing. they are gifts from God.


what a great mamma you are! <3