Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Girl Time/Boy Time

The universe favors my stepson Michael. Seriously.  He's always doing something glamorous and fun. Take last night for instance. He won a contest through the Dodgers and he got to announce one of the innings at the Dodger/Giant game. He got amazing seats and invited Mike to join him. Little Meg and her boyfriend were also there. Mike took Maxwell and so became our first girl day/boy day. Ella and I spent the afternoon walking around Avila and SLO. It was so easy with one kid. She loved having my full attention and she acted especially silly yesterday. At home she wondered around looking for her brother, pointing to his crib and scrunching up her eyebrows, 'Where is he?' It was the first night that Maxwell and Ella had been apart. They did fine. Mike and Max will be home soon and as excited as I am to see Maxwell, I'm even more excited to watch the two babies see each other.


Cristine said...

Looks like Maxwell is giving a cheer?

rozanny said...

How fun is that!

Nick and Becky said...

That picture of Ella at the top is Beautiful!! Looks like a picture from the 40s!! That is I would imagine you would want to print with a polaroid background :)