Friday, July 2, 2010

The Barn

We spent yesterday afternoon at Avila Valley Barn with friends.

In a nut shell:
Ella pointed to every animal and and said, 'BA! BA!'
Maxwell rubbed his entire lunch onto his shirt, then went topless for the rest of the day
Ella tried to feed the animal food to the baby in the stroller next to us
Maxwell threw the lettuce at the cow and kept yelling at him
Max ran one way, Ella ran the other, and I briefly considered becoming one of those crazy Mom's who puts leashes on her kids
...We enjoyed a fun day with our friends. Thanks for sharing your wagon with us Landrie~


mike and hillary said...

you're funny (leashes!). and these pictures are so great.

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Great pictures. They are both just perfect and adorable!

Cristine said...

Looks like such a fun what was Maxwell yelling to the cow? I had a leash for David, so I guess I was 'one of those moms'?