Thursday, July 1, 2010

I SO Want To Make This

Often sometimes I find myself clicking onto blogs of people I don't know and I feel like a mad stalker kind of silly. I start reading their stories and the next thing I know I'm crying because it's their kids second birthday and ohmygosh I remember when she first found out she was pregnant, sniff, sniff. But then there's the inspiration factor. Like this morning when I got out of bed before the babies woke up (miracle). I came across a link to this blog and I went from squinty morning eyes to ILOVETHISPROJECT and I want it in my house. Right now!

This crafty gal, creator of  BobbyRobin, is creating a project every week for a year. I stumbled across her amazing DIY Polaroid Photo Board. And I want one. She has posted a genius tutorial and now I'm hooked to her blog.

I've been known to get excited about things and then fail to follow through: making my own baby food, losing 20 pounds, taking a photo shop class (soooo sad about that one, I had to drop it because the kids got sick, then I got sick, this went on for weeks...). Anyway, I really hope I complete this. If I do, expect a zillion pictures of my progress here.

Moral of the post: reading a stranger's blog is not a crime. You may end up really inspired! And if they really didn't want you to read it, wouldn't they set it to private?

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Chelsea said...

isn't it strange how your bloggy friends seem like they could be your "real" friends?

i think that's crazy. I think it's really awesome too!