Thursday, March 1, 2012


Maxwell and Ella turn three this Sunday. And the bittersweet fact is, they're only getting older. They are my only babies so it's it's always been important for me to appreciate each moment. Part of me grieves the reality that I won't ever cradle a baby of my own again. I won't breath in that sweet newborn smell or trace creases between chubby wrists and thighs. But I got to, twice. And with two at once.

Being parents of twins continues to amaze us. I think the biggest blessing is watching the relationship between Maxwell and Ella. They are absolutely best friends, always aware of the other. They laugh, play, argue...then laugh again.  I often feel like I'm watching from the outside. Like I don't actually get what's going on between them but they're laughing so hard that I'm laughing just because I'm happy. That's what these past three years have given me. Contentment. Even on the worst day, I have my kids and that's enough.

Maxwell Daniel,
Age 3:
Weight: 34.3 (75%)
Height: 38 (50th%)

You love milk, Toy Story, numbers and your family. I think you tell me 15 times a day that you love me, and it's usually unprompted. You give hugs and kisses and you are so, so silly. You like to make people laugh, especially Ella. You refer to her as 'My Ella.' You'll be playing and realize you're alone and then ask me, 'Where's my Ella?' You love your siblings, grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles. You're very smart. You like to ride your tricycle and now you even ride the big quad (you call it your 'moto'). Thank you for being safe because it makes Mommy nervous, but I love that it makes you happy to ride. You don't like when Daddy has to work but you're happy when you get to bring your tools and go with him. Love you so much. Thanks for showing me and telling me every day that you love me too.

Your Favorites:
                      Food: Milk, Eggs, French Fries
                      Movie: Toy Story
                      Show: Peppa Pig
                      Playtime Activity: Race cars, Dominoes or Blocks, Playing with your 'guys' (little Toy Story
                      Playground Choice: Slide
                      Outfit: Buzz or Woody Jammies
                      Best Friend: Daddy and Ella
                      Places to go: Nonnie and Papas, Grandmas, Costco, Library

Ella Vita,
Age: 3
Weight: 30.9 (50th %)
Height: 36.5 (30th %)

You love dressing up, being a mommy to your dolls, and riding your bike. You've been pedaling for a long time now and you can ride super fast around our driveway. You like to sing and dance. I'm tempted to say that you're becoming a Daddy's girl. You love going to the hardware store with him (where he gets you popcorn) and you two love the hot tub. Maxwell makes you laugh harder than anyone. You love all of your family and I often find you in deep conversations with them on your play cell phone. You like to help me cook. You are curious and funny. You like to play with big girls and make friends at the park. You used to be shy, but you're becoming very friendly and social. I have a song that I've sung to you since you were an itty baby and now you ask me to sing it. That makes me so happy. Thanks for being our sweet girl. Love you peanut.

Your Favorite
                      Food: Daddy's BBQ Sausage, Orange Juice, French Fries, Pizza
                      Movie: Olive The Other Reindeer (even though it's sooo not Christmas anymore)
                      Show: Max and Ruby and Peppa Pig
                      Playtime Activity: Riding your bike, Dominoes, Dress Up, Water colors
                      Playground Choice: Swing
                      Outfit: Your pink, terrycloth beach dress. Over anything.
                      Best Friend: Maxwell
                      Places to go: Nonnie and Papas, Grandmas, Costco, Borbas, Library, Trader Joes (because 
                      you love the little carts).

You are both potty trained...YAY!!! You both love the beach, which is my favorite too. You love to do crafts (I need to get better at coming up with stuff) and you will each tell me in the morning you want to go to 'someone's house.' Like me, you get antsy when we don't get out so it's good for all of us to get out and about. We had your 3 year appointment yesterday with Dr. Battle. You were both so good and happy at the whole appointment- then you were devastated when you got shots. I should have prepared you for that. I didn't want you to be nervous so I didn't say anything, then- BAM! Out of nowhere, OUCH. Sorry guys, I blew that.


bethany said...

happy birthday you little munchkins! you got the greatest mommy, but i can see you know that. oh and cheers to the potty training!!! now that's a reason to celebrate.

Charbelle said...

They are just SO STINKIN CUTE!!!!! OH MY WORD!!!! Happy Birthday Maxwell and Ella!!!!

rozanny said...

Happy Birthday!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Your children are gorgeous. :-) I have enjoyed watching them grow up via your blog.