Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Play Structure!!!

We gave Maxwell and Ella the mother of birthday gifts...a Costco play structure! It's no secret this gift is as much for me as it is for them. I have a park in my backyard! Thank you to all the Grandparents and friends who contributed as well. The house went up the day before their big birthday hoe down. We are blessed to have great friends who came over to help.

Meanwhile inside...Maxwell helped me get ready for the party by lining up the party favor hats over and over. And over and over.

Construction out back...

...ALL day long...

...until finally it was ready!

Isn't it amazing? Come over and play!


Betty's corner of the world said...

OMG! ... You did an amazing job..everything looks sooo cute ..and the door was perfect.. That party should be in a magazine..I hope you Post some pictures on Pinterest.
Happy Birthday Ella and Max ♥

Cristine said...

Way to 'build' Mike!!! That tooks lots of patience and beer!! lol