Monday, January 30, 2012


I've written before about how thankful I am that our blended family gets along. Michael and some friends came home this weekend and Little Maeg and her boyfriend Zach hosted all of us at the new home they're renting. It was the Beck family, Mike's ex wife and her side, and a bunch of friends of all ages. We laugh about how completely dysfunctional our family is, but I love that we can spend time together and always have fun. I stole these pictures off Facebook. Thanks Maeg for letting us invade your new home. And Michael...we LOVED seeing you and your wonderful friends.

Mike, our nephew Chandler with his girlfriend Mackenzie and Michael

Cousins: Charli and Ella (do they look alike or what?!)

Mike's brother Dan and our friend Claudette

Maxwell, Michael, Kimmy and Chase

My sister in law Tanya, me, my mother in law, and Michael and Maegann's mom Jennifer

Maeg and Mike

Mike and Michael

The beautiful people: Michael, Jonathan, Chris and Justin

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Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

There is nothing better than family! ;-)