Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Little Blue And Our Life In Polaroids

I've been kind of down lately. Not a big deal, just...blah. I usually don't have to try to stay positive but it's taken an effort this past week. My everything goes into being a good Mom and sometimes at the end of the day both my marriage and my sanity feel cheated because I'm done. I don't have much of me to give Mike after he's worked hard all day, and if I don't make time for myself, my interests, my time, I get crabby. I really try not to write too much about this stuff here. Not because I don't want to be honest, but because sometimes taking the energy to write about doesn't work as positive venting- it ends up just fueling...whining. I know staying at home is a gift and I don't ever want to look back on this time and wish I appreciated it more. Because I so appreciate it.

I think a lot of this is stemming from Ella no longer napping and me missing that little break in the day. I'm working on making her have 'quiet time' in her room...but between 5 potty breaks and this and that there's always an interruption. For whatever reason, the side off the crib has helped Maxwell stay in bed at night, but my everyday napper is now a usual napper. Meaning, some days, like today, Maxwell isn't napping either. Maybe it's just the age. I don't know.

Anyway, things are looking up :) I typically don't write about a funk until I'm over it. My friend Amy and I took our kids bowling yesterday and we were really excited about it. Mike and I had taken them when they were little, but this is the first time as big kids. Guess what happened? They loved it...for about 12 minutes. Then they (mostly Ella) melted down over taking turns and wanted the arcade games instead. Of course. So we took them to the golf course that Amy's husband runs and drove around a big empty parking lots in golf carts. BINGO! They loved it.

Back to bowling, here was our 12 minute high.

Another of our regular outings is the library, which is much for me as it is for them. I've always loved the library.


Finally, their fascination with the big kids beds. If you've made it down this far and you're watching the videos, notice how Ella is looking at me like I'm seriously interrupting her 'camp over.' 



Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

We all have bad weeks. Don't beat yourself up about it. Being a mom is hard! We all struggle with it - those of us who work and those who stay at home. Both are difficult.

You are inspiring me to remove the side of Keira's crib so she has a big girl bed...

bethany said...

do you have another stay-at-home-mom friend that you could trade time off with? drop off your kids for a few hours each week just to give yourself a break? are there any type of classes or afternoon camps that the kids could be involved in for an hour here or there? once poppy was old enough, swimming lessons, gymnastics or afternoon playdates (without my presence) sure help keep me sane! at least they have eachother to play with. having only 1 means you end up "talking the pony" or "pretending to be the mommy" - exhausting!

Cristine said...

Your 12 minutes of bowling looked fun while it last!!
Sounds like it might be time to hire a babysitter for a couple of hours, a couple of times a week so you can run around and do or not do! You can always call on the gmas!!