Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Go Michael, Go!

Michael is on day four of the Aids LifeCycle Ride from San Francisco to LA. We had SO MUCH FUN cheering the riders on yesterday and today as they rode through the central coast.

It was awesome for different reasons: I love that from this young age, my children will know that our family values people from all different walks of life. We support equality for all and this year alone this amazing ride raised millions to help save lives.

I loved being together as a family. Being married into a blended family is beyond complex, but I tell you what, the more time you spend with people who love you and your children...the labels and lines tend to blur and they just become...more family. Maybe there might have been a little bit of uncomfortableness when Mike and I were dating, but now that we have kids, and his older kids are their family- it's too much energy to see it as weird. They just love us, so I love them back. We had such a great time coming together to support Michael. We jumped and cheered for the riders that passed and it was FUN.

I'm so proud of Michael for committing to things and doing them year after year. When he is passionate about things he puts his heart it in. Watching him in action made me so proud. But beyond the cause, he is a bad ass. Seriously, riding 545 miles is crazy. Go Michael.

If you feel connected to this ride for any reason, check it out and get involved next year (or this year if you're local and they're riding through! Make a sign! Cheer them on! Tell the riders thank you!). Thanks to my family and friends who donated this year. Not only does it make a difference for aids, but it blesses me personally that you support Michael. Special thank you to my sweet cousin Michelle who donated this are so generous! Love you.

This video is only from day three of Michael's ride, but it was so fun being a part of the crowd. Michael's Mom, Jennifer, brought Popsicles for the riders and they snatched them up as they sped past us. She also printed out t shirts from all of us so we could properly support team Beck :)

This video is a couple minutes long, but to me it represents the way way that we love this ride, the way we love Michael, and the way blended families can be pretty damn amazing if you look past the petty stuff.

Just remembered coming out to cheer Michael on two years ago...look at how itty my babies were!


mike and hillary said...

1. good work, michael!
2. you. are. so. tan. i'm not sure we can stand next to eachother in any pictures next week.
3. wanna hang out next week?!!!!
4. that first picture of baby ella looks so much like her. i mean, i know it IS her, but its just crazy how she looks so much the same. does that make sense?
5. you're really really tan.

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

That is really cool! My cousins did a similar ride in the mid-west.

Your babies were SO tiny!

bethany said...

megs you are so lucky to have such an awesome son. i'm proud of him and i don't even know him! that little video made me a little teary-eyed.

p.s. love michael's cycling jersey - poppies ;)

Cristine said...

Beautiful video...Meghan you and Mike have done it right, you have not built walls with old and new family but rather made walkways into each others lives! Video was very moving, Michael you rock!!! Love the t-shirts, Gma Judie with the babies in the car, Popsicles and cheers!! Family is family for life, hooray for the Beck Family old and new!!!

Val said...

What a great post! Happy Thursday!