Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is It Too Early To Plan For Next Year?

I'm back! I was gone for four nights and it was perfect.

I spent the first night in West Hollywood with Michael. I went to more places one night than I've been all year. Thanks for showing your steppy a true night on the town...I had so much fun with you.

The rest was spent with my best girlfriends (and Ben, Molly's adorable three month old son). I had the BEST time: Laughing. Dancing. Eating. Margarita ing (can that be a verb?) Shopping. Talking. Loving the sunshine. Laughing...laughing...laughing.

I can't put in words the incredible bond I share with these girls. We talk occasionally, and see each other even less, but when we are together it's like we were never apart (do I sound like a Hallmark card?) Molly, you were the best host. Thank you for everything. Can't WAIT until next year girls. Thank you for your friendship.


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Looks like you had SO much fun. A girls weekend is so important to charge your mommy battery!!

Cristine said...

You girls (ladies) are so blessed to have each other, to be able to pick up where you left off, to love unconditionally as you do. The coolest part is you are all moms and now your friendships go deeper and widder!!
I miss each of you and have great memories of my visits to APU and your visits here!!!

Cristine said...

P.S. No it is not 'too early to plan for next year'...this Nonni will do her part watching your kids!!

mike and hillary said...

love it! i wish we could do it once a month! love you.

p.s. neigh.

p.p.s. liiiiittle higher.

Judie said...

Glad you had such a great time. I know how important those lasting frienships can be.
I with Nonni and on stanby for next year.

Molly Swanson said...

miss you girls already. i had so much fun and loved all the pictures...eventhough i thought you promised me you were going to delete that first picture, NOT put it on your blog!!!
i'll forgive you this once.