Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Little People

We know some pretty cute little people.

Drew and Kaden came over to play in the water. And more importantly, to eat Popsicles.

Landrie invited us to swim in her grandparents pool. Landrie says Ella's name and it is the cutest thing EVER. She says, 'Lella.' 

The black bug on Ella's tummy is kind of gross. But Landrie's face is too sweet in this picture.


Cristine said...

Looks like what summer is all about...good friends, poolside fun and yummy treats!

Charbelle said...

That little ruffled bikini is TOO cute!!! The boys with all the green swim trunks, ahhhh, adorable!! Her little yellow suit, soooo precious!! Looks like fun times and yummy popsicles!!