Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ella Loves Food

Ella is my eater. Just like her mother, she loves food. She seriously will eat anything if she sees someone else trying it. She loves sausage right off the BBQ and insists on dipping it in the sweet hot mustard like her Dad. Her Uncle Bill gets a kick out of this. Maxwell, not so much. He's too busy to eat. He thinks it's a bother to be strapped into his chair as it really cuts into his playing time. This drives me crazy. I imagine anyone with more than one child tries to do mealtime all at once to be done with it. Sometimes I let him run around with his food just so he'll eat.

Every once in awhile I will forget that the babies kids are old enough/capable enough to do something. Like using a spoon. They are 17 months old and I forgot that they can handle this. They use forks for dinner but I was always dreading spoons with liquidy food because I hate the mess that I already have to clean up. But the other day I started giving them spoons with meals throughout the day and I found they love it. And they can do it. And yes, it's totally messy, but they always are anyway.

This is some yummy applesauce
I just pulled my bib off for the fifth time because I like having it in my hair, under my chin, and on my PJ's.
Uh-uh, I'm not done ! Can't you see there's still a smudge left for me to smear around!

See, told you.


Charbelle said...

Too cute!! There is something about the progression of watching a little person learn how to feed themself and then use a fork and spoon that just amazes me. I realized this when I was babysitting for a friend of mine and the time I babysat before I was feeding E and this time I was sitting with him as he fed himself. Oh the mess though!!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Your babies are doing great! Henry is 2.5 and can eat with a fork but he doens't use a spoon. We also never give him anything to eat with a spoon b/c he is so picky (nothing he eats requires one). So it's a vicious cycle. He doesn't get to practice!!

My daughter is the same way. She will eat anything!

Michael said...

So apparently our looks aren't the only quality we share. :)

rozanny said...

That's like mine! My daughter is an eater like nothing else... if there's food to eat she will eat it. My son would rather play with his food than eat it and my twin neice and nephew would rather eat what you have on your plate than what you gave them on theirs even if it's the same thing.