Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This And That

I haven't blogged lately. Because...I don't know. Maybe because I don't think anyone is reading. Or maybe because I haven't taken any fun pictures. Or I've been lazy...but tonight I'm blogging because the point of this is to record our memories. To share them with anyone who wants to follow along, but really, to write down and remember these short years for our little ones. If I'm the only one who's keeping track, that's OK, because it's really for Maxwell and Ella, some day.

 So...last week (or has it already been two weeks?)...Michael flew into LA for a short work/family/friend visit. We spontaneously booked a room in down south and spent Saturday and Sunday in West Hollywood, Yorba Linda, and Santa Barbara. We started Saturday day at the closing ceremonies for the Aids/LifeCycle Ride. Remember when we did this last year? This year was different, as Michael wasn't riding himself. His new job in New York is actually a ride recruiter from their ride, more on that later this week. The stories shared by the riders in the closing ceremonies were very moving messages of kindness, acceptance, and hope. All things I hope/expect my children will pass on in life.

After the ride we hung out with Michael and his friends in West Hollywood. It's funny how at home I would tell you there's no way we would take our kids to an adult restaurant past bedtime. But I followed Mike's lead and went with the flow. And you know what? They did just fine. We pulled out an I pad after they had eaten and sensed potential meltdowns...it's all about timing...thank you YouTube and Disney Channel.


We are in need a family picture with ALL FOUR of our kids. Missed you Maeg.

Hotels! I used to dread going out of town just because night time in a hotel room was so hard with infant twins. One person would wake everyone up. Someone would fall off the bed. Nursing in a strange chair was awkward and I just wanted to go home. But NOW... check them out! Little girl was so tired she literally fell asleep as her head hit the pillow. But Maxwell couldn't sleep right away, he and Buzz were giddy as I was.

The next day, full on a yummy hotel breakfast, we met my mother in law at a family reunion for some of her dearest friends. After that, on to Santa Barbara to see my grandparents, Nana and Papa. I left my camera in the bag for this part of our excursion : (

A couple days later we had a visit from cousins out of town. Which calls for special things...like ice cream.

Not pictured:

Father's Day- I LOVE YOU DAD, thank you for it all. And I love you Mike, you love your kids in an amazing way. It's special to hear the older ones articulate their love and appreciation for you, as I know ours will too. We spent Father's Day morning relaxing and the afternoon swimming with our friends, followed by a delicious dinner by my friend Claudette while watching golf...a Dad's day :)

Little Maeg's 21 Birthday (Today!)- Happy birthday sweet girl! Maeg went with some family and friends to Catalina to celebrate. We can't wait to show her a good time when she returns. Love you Maeg. 

And this week Mike is working out of town. So we do what we do, but it's always a little different. 

Yesterday I was washing my car and they kept plastering my clean side with dirty soap suds. After 15 minutes of feeling annoyed, I finally pulled out their cars to wash...duh. They were happy. I was happy.

That's it for now. Gabba's almost over, we've had no naps, so it's almost bedtime. Goodnight.


brian, meghan, finley, and adalaide said...

i'm reading!!!!

Cristine said...

Me too....

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Well I'm reading and I love looking at pictures of your beautiful twins. I can't believe how big and gorgeous they both are. I LOVE that photo with you and everyone else. You look beautiful!! Keep posting because I look forward to reading. :-)

1. I have never stayed in a hotel with them. I can't wait b/c I think they'll love it.

2. I need to bring my ipad next time we go out to eat. Duh!

mike and hillary said...

I'm reading too!

lindaroo said...

I'm a reader, too, and I love your blog, and your family! Keep up the good work!

Bethany said...

yeah I read and don't ever stop, its how I watch those cuties grow up. Sorry I never comment, reading at work hehe :)