Monday, June 25, 2012


Our weekend in photos...

My lovely cousin Sandra and her husband Rusty were in California, so we met them at my parents house for lunch. Rusty is charming and smart and Sandra is as engaging as I remembered.  Love you cousin~

Sunday we spent the day on the lake. My mother in law, Grandma Judie, came with us and we all had a great time.

Something about twins: every time I think I have one of them figured out, they switch on me. Ella has been our 'water bug.' She's usually the one you have to drag out of the water. But they did a swap and now he's the fish. They both love swimming, but Maxwell is the first one in and the last one out. They tried tubing for the first time! Mind you, we were going 5 mph, but they each did it. Look at my brave girl, all on her own.

Judie took the wheel, proving once again that this woman can do anything. 

Boys behind the boat. 

We spent most of the day swimming in the lake. There were very few boats out and we found a couple coves to play in. The lake felt like a big swimming pool. 


Ella swam too, but she liked her 'step' the best.

Wearing Grandma's hat. 

Awkward family portrait. 

Me and my boy. And my new favorite hat. 



Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Love love love that last photo!! Your hat is so pretty.-68

Keira has that same swimsuit Ella is wearing but I lost the bottom. Bummer.

That lake looks gorgeous!

Cristine said...

This looks like such a beautiful day, especially happy to see Grandma Judie got in on the fun! So Maxwell is into speed now and Ella likes to watch the fun, they sure do switch around.

rozanny said...

Looks like a blast!