Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Swim Days

We've been enjoying play dates by the pool. Between Little Maeg, my friend Amy's Mom, and our best friend's The Borbas, we have been invited to three pools this summer spring. Ella is very comfortable in the water. The first time I strapped floaties on her she was off swimming on her own. Maxwell spent a couple days stuck to step, but then decided he could do it. I've learned not to push him, he does things on his own.



That afternoon my brother Spencer told Ella and Maxwell he wants to take them fishing sometime soon. Ella replied in a fourteen year old voice: "OH MY GOSH, SA-WEET!"



Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

That's so funny that he responded like that!! It's supposed to be 90 here this weekend. Beach time!

CharisFaith said...

I'm hoping I can find a pool to take Audra to when we have her in July. I have the lake house but it's a really long drive!

LOVE the Ella reaction, OMG it's scary how they go from 3 to 16 in a second and then back to 3 again.