Monday, May 7, 2012


Michael spent last week at home with us before leaving on Saturday to start his new adventure in New York City. While we're over the moon excited for him...I miss him already. He's my friend. And it feels like he's REALLY far away. But we expect amazing things for him to happen, because they always do. LOVE you Michael.


Friday Michael was in one of his best friend Kimmy's wedding. We got to celebrate with them (only bummer, it was FREEZING cold wind).
And in true Michael Beck fashion, he gave a fabulous toast. He ended the toast with a rap about his bestie, 'The Girl With Good Hair' (she's a hair dresser).


Anonymous said...

what kind of camera do you use? i love your pictures!

brian, meghan, finley, and adalaide said...

that rap is AMAZING! so fun!