Thursday, April 26, 2012

Four Friends (+ Their Moms)

There's something special about these friends. Tara and I bonded over our crazy similarities. We are the same age, both first time Moms (to twins) born within a week of each other. When we're together it's so nice to share a look with her that says, 'I get it.' Because she does. And watching the friendship with our kids change is so fun. They really play now.


Drew and Ella snuck off behind the tree. They were sharing a moment and I interrupted with my camera. 


Cristine said...

Reminds me of when you, Nickanus and Trev would play and us moms got to enjoy catching up! These days are so special, I am so glad you get to enjoy them with Maxwell and Ella!

Anonymous said...

These pictures made me smile.. I miss seeing these babies who are noe gettting so big.. I sure hope you can make it to Carrie's May 20th..we would LOVE to see all of you..Love and Hugs, Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

sorry I misspelled now.. fingers don't always work..