Monday, September 20, 2010

Santa Cruz Recap

Spent an awesome weekend camping in Santa Cruz. If you are not our family, this post may bore you to death. Here are way too many pictures...

Max and Ella take over the RV~

Around camp~

When we found our camp site, I told Maxwell and Ella that these stumps were their 'special chairs.'

Little Meg and her boyfriend Zack came too. Isn't her hair cute dark?

Helping Dad set up a tent to play in~

Love this face.

Around the camp fire~


Everyone wants to wear Dad's hat~

We took a steam train to the boardwalk~

When we got there, Maxwell ruled at race car driving and Ella made Mama proud with her fancy footwork on Dance Dance Revolution~

Everyone was sleepy on the ride home~

Not pictured: Mike, Meg and Zack zip lining. A few baby meltdowns. Yummy BBQ dinners with friends. Me wanting to cry when, at 9:30, Maxwell and Ella were still awake, and wouldn't fall asleep unless we laid down with them (which made me so thankful of the easy bedtime routine at home- which entails putting them in their beds, walking away, and enjoying a few hours of quiet time before the next day).


Anonymous said...

my favorite it the one with ella out the window on the train! soo cute! send me all the pictures please to my email and i will send you some i have.. love you.. thanks again for such a fun weekend. xoxo lil meg

Charbelle said...

Such great pictures!!! sounds like such an amazing time!!! Ella's polka dot tank, oh so cute!!! That last picture is very awesome too, they make a cute couple!!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Love the pictures! You are very brave to go camping with 2 toddlers!! I love camping and you're inspiring me to go.

How much crap did you have to pack? lol!!

lindaroo said...

Those two babies have to be the happiest kids in the world!