Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nineteen Months

*This post is a week early (the babies kids are taking a nap so I'm writing while I can). October 4th Maxwell and Ella will be nineteen months old. Over a year and a's going too fast. It's been awhile since I've written letters to them so here's one for the baby book.

Weight: 22.8
Height: 32 in
HC:      47 cm

Weight: 26.4
Height: 33.5 in
HC:      49.5 cm (90th %, go Maxwell!)

Ella Vita,
Today we brought in clothes to consign at Mollywogs and you squealed when you saw the woman in front of us,  ‘Baby!’ A little baby's head rested on her Mama’s shoulder. I tightened my arms around you. ‘Baby,’ I whispered in your ear, ‘You’re my baby.’

You are a smart girl.Wherever we are, you like to explore. You like to say: baby, Dada, ma (for max), teeth, shoes, booger, lotion, nose, duck, cheese, uh-oh!, boat, dog, bubble, ball, hello (for the telephone), baba (for Yo Gabba Gabba), and lots more. You say ‘Mommy’ and it sounds like you’re five years old.  When Dad and Maxwell are gone you ask incessantly for your brother, ‘Ma? Ma?’ You don’t want to be without him.

At the park, you like climbing play structures and swinging. Actually, you like climbing everywhere. We were at Nonni and Papa John’s house and you started calling my name from the other room. I was eating dinner and I told everyone that you were fine, ‘She always calls my name,’ I said with another mouthful of food. A few minutes later you called again. I walked into the other room to find you on top of the table. A high table. How did my girl get this big? You are fearless little one. You don’t like boundaries. Every day we play outside in our yard, and every day I chase you out of harm’s way. You look behind you and laugh as I catch you before you reach the end of the driveway.

When you were an itty baby you didn’t like to cuddle much. Now you love hugs and kisses. Every time we get you out of your crib, you are surrounded by your entourage. You have you pacifier (which you call ‘BA’), your little silky blanket, your big silky blanket, your baby, and at least one stuffed animal (usually your owl from Aunt Tanya). You’re pretty good about leaving your ‘BA’ in your crib, but now and then you sneak it out. You like to read Goodnight Moon. You like to hold your sweatshirt like it’s a blanket, even when it’s 100 degrees out. You like buttons and clasps- you like to buckle your car seat and your wagon straps. You like food. You like putting food in your hair. You DON’T like adorable barrettes or any form of ponytail. This makes me very sad because you look SO CUTE when I sneak them in.

You love when your Dad throws you up in the air you say and sign ‘more’ at the same time, wanting him to throw you higher and higher. You are a happy girl. You still sleep through the night and you take at least one nap a day (usually). You make us laugh and you are absolutely beautiful.  You have my heart. We love you.

Maxwell Daniel,
From the time you wake up, you are funny. You usually wake up in our bed. Most of the time you sleep through the night, but around 5:00 you wake up and I stumble to your room and bring you back to bed for morning cuddles and (hopefully) more sleep. Once you’re really awake, you jump right into your morning routine. You love milk like Seattle loves coffee.

Once your eyes are truly open for the day you sign and say ‘milk! milk!’ Once you’ve got your cold one, you bring me both remote controls and demand your morning toons, which last about ten minutes until you’re ready for Yo Gabba Gabba. When DJ Lance Rock walks across the screen you put your hands over your mouth and your eyes get really big. You pull your hands away and squeal as you start dancing (you are an awesome dancer by the way). You love to dance, run, and spin in circles. The other day you put on quite the show at Grandma Judie’s house as you danced on her fireplace while she played the keyboard.

You love to perform and make us smile. You have so many silly expressions. You put your arms up by your sides and scrunch up your eyebrows while you ask us, ‘Guys?’ You shout and push your lower jaw out when you want to get our attention. You close your eyes and tuck your head in your shoulder when you want to ignore us, but guess what? We can still see you! You are a ham around your family, but you act very shy around new people.

You insist on wearing your shoes all the time. I have to distract you when I take them off before nap time. You LOVE to brush your teeth. You like alone time when you are building your blocks or reading stories. I love to watch you build things. You build your blocks in patterns of color-this amazes me! You and Ella love your play kitchen. You open and close the doors over and over.  Like your sister, you are starting to climb. Yesterday you climbed on the counter of your kitchen so that you could reach the light to turn it on. Smarty pants.  But be careful!

You don’t use as many words as Ella, but you sure do jabber a lot. At the park you like slides, but you absolutely don’t like swings. You like to throw balls and play tee ball. You like Buzz Light Year. You LOVE all your grandparents and are excited when you see each of them. You like your Dad’s cell phone. You like splashing in the bath. You like when Daddy tickles you, ‘more! more!’ Your favorite foods are grapes and carrots. You love to dip food- you think everything is better in ranch and hummus. I saw an older picture of you the other day and I couldn’t believe how chubby you were. You look like such a big boy now. You have a smile that makes me smile back, no matter what my mood is. We love you son.


mike and hillary said...

i love them! please do videos every day...its so fun to see them in action!

Wendy said...

Your mom is right....You are a great writter. I don't like reading much but I enjoyed reading your letters. Maybe this will get me into reading more often. LOL....

Charbelle said...

That picture is just too precious!!!

Victoria said...

Okay, Megan, you made me cry (go figure). Your letters to the children are beautiful, and the video to "Tiny Dancer" is happy and wonderful. I started to cry when Max and his Daddy are on the train and he kisses his head. Then I kept on crying thinking how wonderful it is to have these children in the world who are so loved by you. Thanks. xo Victoria

victoria said...

Loved it, Megan. You made me cry. How wonderful it is indeed to have these children in the world who are sooo loved by you! Loved the video to "Tiny Dancer"

Victoria said...

(oops, you got twice the message....count it as "operator error") :)

boopnsus said...

Babies are such a blessing ..I can't even imagine being blessed with two beautiful, perfect babies at one time ... You are so lucky and so very blessed .. and so are we for having all four of you in our lives.
I love your blog...great job!
Grandma Betty ♥