Monday, September 27, 2010


I spent Saturday in Santa Barbara with one of my best friends, Molly. I couldn't stop smiling. We ate, shopped, laughed...then we ate again. This continued for the 24 hours we spent together. After eight hours of shopping (so fun!) we spent the night at my grandparent's house. I felt like a teenager on one of my trips to Nana and Papas, Molly and lounging on our twin beds. We talked until midnight. The next morning I opened my eyes and heard Papa talking to Nana in the next room. "Hello my beautiful wife. I'm going to town..." Molly and I said goodbye and I went to have lunch with my brothers. I fully enjoyed my weekend vacation. I felt completely spoiled, taking care only of myself. Thanks Moll. Love you.

Of course we only took this picture. Because unless little kids are running around, I have to remind myself to take out the camera.