Monday, September 21, 2009

New Friends

I was in Marshalls pushing the double snap 'n go stroller, trying not to take out the racks on either side of me when I looked up and saw double. "Twins?," I asked. Just like everyone asks me. As if it isn't completely obvious that's what they are. She looked at me and we just started laughing. Her boys, Drew and Kaden, are Maxwell and Ella's new friends. Even if they don't know what that means yet. More importantly, Tara's my new friend. And she gets it. She gets what it means to have the theme song from Handy Manny stuck in your head. She gets that a meltdown may happen at any minute...times two. She gets that nursery rhymes kind of suck so sometimes it's necessary to get creative, 'I like big boys and I cannot lie, you other mother's can't deny...' She also gets the joy of being a first time Mom to two babies, where awesome moments happen in doubles...all day long. We love our new friends.

Drew and Kaden

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Judie said...

It's so fun to finally see pictures of Drew and Kaden. And how cute to see all four of them together. Pretty soon they'll really being playing with each other.