Friday, September 11, 2009

The Grass Is Greener...In My Front Yard!

We have a new lawn! I'm so excited for the babies to have somewhere to play outside. OK, it's not like we can throw out the Slip 'N Slide yet, but it's a new place they can roll around on. A little side note about our new lawn, true story...

Early this morning all the neighborhood dogs were barking. I started to get annoyed and kept thinking 'PLEASE don't wake the babies up.' Our dog Sadie started barking louder and I got chills when I heard a man's voice outside our window. My heart began pounding out of my chest as I clearly heard footsteps outside. I turned to wake Mike and as I rolled over I saw a man in a white shirt opening the french doors to our bedroom. I SCREAMED. Mike jumped out of bed, delirious but ready to defend. It was Troy, our next door neighbor and one of our best friends. I let the air out of my lungs and assumed he had been on a long date with Sierra Nevada. However, he actually came to get Mike because another neighbor's cows escaped and they were in our front yard. He didn't want them on our fresh sod. He really should run for mayor.

As the guys went outside I laid in bed and shook my head. I thought to myself:

A. My husband knows how to heard cattle?
B. Seriously? I live in a place where cows cruise my front yard?
C. I thought I was about to be attacked and honestly, all I really cared about was the babies waking up. It would have been a pisser to have to put them back down again.

Anyway, here's the beautiful lawn:

Here's the before:


Aunt Joanne said...

"Free organic fertilizer with every new lawn installation"?

Wow, you live at a gorgeous place!

Judie said...

The lawn looks great.....but I really liked you story about Troy walking in. I thought I'd die laughing.

Michael said...

Wow, the house looks soooo good! That's amazing what a lawn can do for a home.

Cristine said...

What fun for you all to enjoy sitting out front!! Soon enough the babies will be crawling over every inch of it! Gorgeous...Mike just keeps on giving and giving and doing and doing more....Great story about Troy and the cow!

KATEE said...

oh that's hysterical!!! I love your recap!

Did the babies stay asleep? Oh they will be so excited in a year or so to be out on that sod!!!

Your yard looks BEAUTIFUL!! :)