Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sweet Pea and Lil' Peanut

Dear Babies,
12 weeks down! You are growing bigger and bigger every day. It seems early, but my belly is already swelling! At our last ultrasound we saw you moving around like crazy. You made me laugh so hard the screen got blurry because my belly kept moving. Everything I do and think about now is about you- you are already a part of our family. Your big brother Michael and big sister Maegann ask about you all the time. They want to know if I can feel you and they love talking about what your names will be. It seems like so long until we will get to hold you!

These days you have me craving cole slaw from KFC- cole slaw of all things! Tonight I'm wanting pancakes and hash browns...hmmm, yummy. Grandma Judie brought us the cutest present that reminded her and Aunt Tanya of the way you look right now in ultrasounds. She brought us two little stuffed babies in sacks, their names are Sweet Pea and Lil' Peanut. They made me laugh and I cuddled them up, thinking that soon I will get to be snuggling with you. I'm thinking about you all the time.

Sweet Pea and Lil' Peanut


Cristine said...

Meghan and cold slaw just don't go together??? Pregnancy does the strangest things to woman and their senses!!
Sweet Pea and Lil' Peanut are adorable!! I guess we know what your little ones nick names will be!
Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family! I am glad you had a day of feeling good my sweet pea!

Judie said...

I'm so glad that you fell in love with Sweet Pea and Lil' Peanut just like Tanya and I did. I'm just so anxious to buy things for the babies. I can't wait to really hold them. One in Grandma Cris' arms and one in mine. (Grandpa's will have to wait in line.) These babies are going too feel so much love from now until forever.