Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pregnant: 14 Weeks

Things are good. At our last doctor's appointment we got to hear the babies' heartbeats and we were told everything looks great. I am feeling better, I just have yucky headaches. There is no denying that my belly has arrived! Below are some of the comments I've received so far. I've decided not to get offended, for now I'm just laughing :

1. In the office in front of staff and students, "Oh my gosh you are getting fat!" This was said by a teacher who knows that I am pregnant. I just laughed nervously and replied, "Pregnant. You can say I'm looking pregnant."

2. As I'm walking across the quad area at lunch, students all around, "Wow Mrs. Beck! Why'd you get so fat?" This was said by a student. I turned around and walked up to her and her friends, "K, that really hurt my feelings to hear you say that in front of everyone. I'm pregnant, I'm going to have two babies." To this she replied, "GROSS!!!"

3. We were out to dinner and ran into some friends. The wife was super sweet and excited for us when we told her about the twins. I told her I was a little nervous because I'm already looking huge at 14 weeks. "Oh, no you don't! It just looks like you have gas." Ummm...great.

4. I treated myself to a pedicure after work this afternoon and as I sat down the lady's eyes zoomed into my belly. "Oh, you have baby!" I proudly beamed, "Yes, I'm having twins!" "Oh, she have twins!" She began to yell across the salon, "She have twins! I a twin! She six month with twins!" Er, six months? What? Where'd she get that? I made the mistake of correcting her, "I'm actually only 14 weeks." "Oh, hee hee," she began to laugh. "You get so big!" I could have been a tad bit offended, but she spent the rest of the time telling me how lucky I am to be pregnant with twins and how special it is to be a twin. She has an identical twin sister. She certainly was excited for me- she even told me to close my eyes and relax when she massaged my feet, "You and big twins deserve."

We certainly do.


Cristine said...

You just enjoy your pregnancy and all the changes that are happening with your body!

Michael said...

HAHAHA you should be loving this. Let's just say I'm jealous! You actually have an excuse to let your belly grow. I feel like people think I'm the pregnant man from Oprah! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL that is so funny...you gotta love kids and those nail ladies. I for one think that you look so beautiful and can't wait to see you in person soon.

Michelle said...


Anonymous said...

Megs, you're so cute pregnant! I wish I could see you in person. I miss you!
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