Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I was looking through old pictures and I found our engagement photos ('see more photos here' in the right column).

The memories of our engagement came back to me...Mike took me to 'our spot,' Windmills, out on a bluff in Cayucos. We spent lot of time there when we first met. Mike would fish off his kayak and I would read books in the sand. When Mike proposed, he was recovering from a dirtbike accident and we were supposed to be going out to dinner to celebrate his birthday. We were going to our favorite restaurant, Schooners, so we stopped by Windmills before. Overlooking the water, I felt Mike fidgeting with his crutches and I turned around. He proposed down one one knee, broken femur and all. I had known for a while that I wanted to be Mike's wife. That night he told me that he had asked my parents and that his kids were thrilled. Little Maegann even helped pick the ring out. We celebrated afterwards with friends at Schooners and I fell even more in love with Mike.

Cameron Ingalls, the best photographer alive, helped us capture our love for each other and the beach by taking our engagement pictures where Mike proposed. Looking back at these pictures makes me smile...I love my husband.


JB said...

Sure enjoyed the visit with you and the family through this wonderful blog. Great photos. I'm always so happy to see that, "OH, Meghan posted again!" Loving it, love you. Here come the fun pregnancy months :) YAY

Aunt Joanne

- hi Mike!

Judie said...

It warms my heart to know how much you love my son and to know how happy you make him. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful daughter-in-law. God knew what he was doing on that beautiful day in Cayucos.
Love you both.

Anonymous said...

hey megs, congrats on the little dumpling!! i can't believe i just found this here bloggy today...so good to see what's been happening with your family.
drop me a line when you have a chance. let us catch up!

-Lauren (you know...Lauren Garrison...do i need to leave my last name? do you have other friends named Lauren? yeah bye)