Thursday, August 7, 2008

Christmas in August

I have not been feeling great. (Translation: I feel like I'm going to throw up all the time). But all of this is OK because this is what I've been waiting for...pregnant women feel pukey, this is a good sign! I was talking to my Mom on the phone yesterday and she was giving me some snack suggestions to help with nausea. You'd think that was good enough, but no. Today my Dad showed up on my front door, an hour from home, bearing packages and goodies. I'm telling you, today was Christmas in August.

Thank you Mom for knowing what I need when I'm feeling too yucky to know myself. Thank you for spoiling me and just letting me be the daughter. Dad, thank you for taking the time to deliver and for the surprise visit. I love you both so very much.


Cristine said...

I love you Meghan and will do anything for your well being, always have, always will!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh you do have the best parents. How sweet! I hope you are feeling better and am so excited for you all. I hope we can get together soon. I miss you. Crystal