Monday, August 4, 2008


This morning I had my first ultrasound since finding out I was pregnant. "You certainly are pregnant," the Dr. told us. Then...we saw two sacs!!! Two!!! Mike and I looked at each other completely overwhelmed with emotion. WE ARE SO EXCITED.

We go back for the next ultrasound in two weeks. The doctor reiterated to us that this is a process and today's news is exciting, but we need to wait until the next appointment to be sure. He warned us against telling everyone quite yet. Ummm...oops.

I'm going to be a mommy!!! Two!!! We might have two!!!


Cristine said...

M & M...enjoy each moment of your pregnancy. Yahoo cool..thank you Lord!!

Michael said...

I cannot believe it but I knew it all along!!!! Congrats. I'm trying not to get too excited!

Judie said...

Okay, I'll try not to get too excited. I may have five other wonderful grandchildren, but twins is a first!
God does answer prayers.