Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pretty Vs Spooky

I decorated for Fall. I wanted really simple, pretty and white. I mostly used what I had and added some free printables online into my frames and some ceramic owls from the Dollar Tree. The kids came out from quiet time and I said, "Isn't it PRETTY?!" And they kind of nodded. Then looked at each other and said, "We want spooky." Oh. Here are some pictures of our home this season. I took these with my phone. They're blurry, but you get the idea.

So I thought I'd stack pumpkins on a few crates on the porch. I called my neighbor who has EVERYTHING in his yard. I asked if I could borrow any crates and he showed up with a bunch of crates and this cool old chest for me. I pulled dirty lanterns out of my garage and pumpkins from the house.We went to Target and splurged on this owl who hoots and a plug in pumpkin. The kids agree, now it's spooky.

 How cool are these ugly rats? $5 for a sheet of decals from Target, we put some on the front door and some inside.

And since I already had the wood crates from my neighbor, I thought I might as well do Halloween inside too. The spider candles are from past years and the mini chalkboards are from my kitchen.

 Dollar Tree roses.

The room's a little cluttered, but it's fun. My favorite decorating is changing out frames that I already have up. It's so easy to find fun things online and either print them out at home or send them to your local copy center. I email my bigger prints to Staples.

That's it :)

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Michael said...

I love it! So spooky! :)

I love that you take the time to decorate with the kids. Even though it may seem like a pain to put up and take down sometimes, the best memories I have are decorating with both Grandma Judie and Grandma Betty. They'll remember that forever!

Love you.