Saturday, December 17, 2011

Movies By Tree Light

Reason #974 that life is better with toddlers: Christmas movies by tree light.

Tonight Mike and I get an overnight away :) We have a Christmas party for the company he's working for and the kids are staying with my parents. They've been sick with yucky coughs but hopefully they're on the mend. They're excited. We're excited.

This is the first year since we've been married that we've had Christmas lights up. Kids will do that to you...and I LOVE it!

And my own December delight? UPS/Fed Ex trucks. I've only ordered a few things online but the anticipation of waiting for the packages is too much- I love it. I get excited at every truck that drives by, wondering if it's our delivery. It's the best.


Cristine said...

Great job with the lights Mike especailly since you work sun-up to sun-down!! Love the candy canes and reindeers! I spy Maxwell enjoying the view!

rozanny said...

Agreed on all of the above. I love getting gifts for everyone and waiting for them to come is almost more exciting than Christmas Day. And I love to drive around with my kids and look at all the Christmas lights. They get so excited and love to tell me which ones are their favorites!