Monday, December 5, 2011

A Good, Busy Weekend.

We had lots of fun family time this weekend. Friday night we had my nieces Camryn and Charli over and we took them to a tree lighting downtown. M & E  met their first Santa this year. I wasn't sure if they'd be afraid but they were both happy and brave. Ella told Santa she wants a toy Jesse and Maxwell said he wants a  Buzz Lightyear. Have I mentioned the Toy Story obsession at our house?

Ella has a candy  cane in her hand and baby Jesus from our nativity in the other.


Me and my girls.

Air mattress slumber party.

It's adorable how much they love their big cousins.

Caught this picture of  Maxwell looking like an angel. Knock on wood, he is still the best nap taker! Some days he sleeps so long I have to wake him up because I'm afraid he won't go down at night. Unfortunately, Ella pretty much boycotts naps all together. She yells from her room, "I want my Mommy! I want my FAVORITE Mommy!" Which was cute once. Now it's just annoying and I'm afraid she's going to wake her brother up. I've been working on potty training Ella. I think today is day four. She's doing ok. Potty training both of them at the same time was overwhelming to me so I went with Ella first. She is still pooping in her underwear. And by still, I mean she has never pooped in the toilet. She is pretty good about going pee on the toilet, but only because I bring her to the bathroom. She's yet to tell me on her own she has to go. I guess we just keep trying? And then in a couple weeks work on brother too... 

Have I mentioned that these two love each other?
I still have them in cribs. People laugh at this, but they don't crawl out yet and they still have room. I'm all for keeping them contained as long as possible. But I'm thinking it's almost weird and beds are around the corner sometime soon. But not yet. Let's get them using the toilet first. 

We also visted my parents house this weekend and Mike and I went to a Christmas party last night. We had lots of family time and I was sad to see Mike leave to work for this morning. With him gone for the week we so look forward to Thursday nights. It makes our weekend time extra special.


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Potty training is so hard. We are just working on Keira too.

I love the air mattress slumber party photos.

mike and hillary said...

no offense to you and meagann, but your eyes suck compared to ella's! oh my word, they are gorgeous! also, I love Maxwell's hands folded in his sleep.