Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Post In Which I Sound REALLY Uptight, But I'm Actually Grateful

You know how some weeks/days/hours you feel more patient than others? I feel like God's given me patience with my kids this week. Things that usually frustrate me have rolled off my back. I often find myself getting annoyed then getting embarrassed because the things that annoy me are...dumb.

The top three dumb things that drive me crazy are:

1. Mealtimes. I get really irritated when both of my kids aren't eating when they're supposed to. It feels like nails on a chalkboard when yogurt and applesauce fling off of their highchairs and they squeal in delight. It makes me want to yell, "EAT YOUR FOOD AND DON'T MAKE A MESS!" (which I sometimes do ...over and over and over and over). I remember when they were starting solids and I used to read Some article told me to encourage 'finger painting' with sweet potatoes on their tray so they can explore their food. The thought of that made me want to throw something. My house isn't super clean but I hate a mess. And yogurt and applesauce are VERY hard to clean up after they've dried. {insert Meghan from 10 years ago, Is this really your life? You talk about food on the floor?} Anyway, mealtime is annoying for me and I'm trying to let messiness go.

2. Yet similarly, I can't stand when my kids go outside after they've had their nighttime baths. Our neighbor's children are so fun and imaginative. It's not uncommon to see their youngest girl wondering around  in a mud puddle, after dinner, dressed in PJs. Fun, right? Memories that kids will always remember? A cute kid, an adorable photo. But all I think is, 'OK, just as long as we do another bath because I just changed  sheets.' I am my mother. But I don't want to do another bath. Because I'm tired and it's almost bed time. And I want 30 min. to myself once the kids are down. Play in the dirt all afternoon. Paint your face with sidewalk chalk. But preferable, can you keep it after nap time and before bed? Again with the crib sheets.

3. My last pet peeve is when my kids are woken up from their naps. We live in a somewhat rural neighborhood that definitely has a small town feel. It is very common to 'drop by' your friends house. Calling ahead isn't necessary, help yourself to a beer in the fridge. I generally like this, just not at nap time. I'm one of those obnoxious mothers who still put's a 'Knock please, kids are napping' sign on the front door. Because when I don't, the doorbell will ring five separate times: UPS, 2 of Mike's friends, a boy scout selling popcorn, a Jehovah and a Mormon. And on a good day when both kids are napping, all I want to do is hide in my room and read blogs or fold laundry in silence (I prefer the blog reading. Obviously). And when one or both of the kids are woken up too early, I have zero time to myself (I know, selfish) and the kids are cranky and I am cranky.

I sound like a super fun Mom, right?  These are just the things that make me crazy. But this post is actually about how calm I've felt with the kids this week. And I wanted to share this snip it of my afternoon a couple days ago. I was cleaning up in Ella's room and when came out into our living room...I found every towel we own in a glorious pile on our couch. Annoying to refold? Yes. Naughty? Pretty much. But their giggles were like a MasterCard commercial, 'The smiles on their faces? Priceless.'

Thank you God for showing me the humor in my children this week. Thank you for reminding me of what's really important. Please teach me to loosen up a bit. Thank you for happy, healthy children. Despite the small stuff, I LOVE being a mom. I never forget that our babies are miracles.


rozanny said...

You're a good mom! And those are pretty much my same pet peeves so it makes me feel better about me! And a word of advice... or two actually... keep the kids napping sign and try to keep naps as long as your kids will allow! I need a little quite time in my day... even if it means that I plop the kids down in front of the tv while I shower/blog/clean/nap... for an hour or two. (Usually an hour for my oldest and two for the youngest. It's kind of fun to have one on one time with my daughter before the other two are awake.) It's a challenge to get my baby to go down at the same time as the older two though!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Oh wow. They are so cute!! I watched the video and fell even more in love with your babies.

All those things would annoy me too. I don't let the kids play outside after baths either. They normally run back and forth chasing each other to wind down, books, more books, and bed!

Leanne said...

Amen! Needed to read that this week. God is working thru you in more ways than you know :)
*Note to self: sit back and enjoy our precious babies.

Julie said...

I still have my nap sign from my door----NAP TIME 1-4 KNOCK ONLY-I needed my one cup of tea.

My boy's would empty out their dresser drawers at nap time-had to lock the dresser in the closet.