Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Will Never Drive A Minivan. Or Will I?

We are car shopping. I drove a Honda Element which was in an accident (everybody's fine) and I have been driving a truck since October. Mike has an additional work truck so the good news is we weren't without a vehicle. But now we're looking to buy a family car. Even though only two of our kids live with us, we're looking ahead. In five years I want to be driving something big enough for Maxwell and Ella to each have a friend with them. I want seven seats. Which means three rows. We had really liked the Kia Sorento for the price and ratings on consumer reports.

We drove it and it's really nice. All the nifty features and it's pretty 'cool looking.' But really, it's kind of cramped. I imagine I'd have the back row folded down for most of the time which makes a ton of cargo space, but there's not a lot of room in the second row. I was debating on the Kia lot and I half joking asked to see one of their minivans. The Kia Sedona is the opposite of cool looking. It looks dated and just...extremely Mommish. But I fell in love when we got inside. Double power sliding doors! TONS of room for Max and Ella in their own captain's chairs! Ample trunk space! On and on and on.
We have so many more cars to look at but it's pretty funny that I'm even considering a minivan. 

Do any of you Moms have suggestions? Smaller SUVs? (I know, the environment) Minivans? We have a lot to test drive but some of our friends have the Mazda CX 9 and we like that. But again, it kind of seems like a lot to fit three rows into something that size.

Suggestions? Kid friendly choices?


rozanny said...

Love our Toyota Sienna... but you have to be careful... there was a year or two of recalls on that one... ours was not one of those years. We fit us, our three kids and two extras (which my sisters come with us a lot). And we can fit all our camping gear or a big shopping trip in it without having to rearrange things.

I swore I'd never drive a minivan... but yeah, I'm converted!


We're in a similar boat. Don't need a bigger car yet, but I'd like to fit one friend for each of our boys eventually... I've heard great things about the Mazda5, but that's a 6 seater. We also really liked the Honda Odyssey, but it runs on the more expensive end. Another friend recommended the Dodge Grand Caravan. On a different note... Fun that you're friends with Alyx!

brian, meghan, finley, and adalaide said...

we have a gas guzzling suv, but all my friends with vans {who also said they would NEVER drive one} absolutely love theirs. my mom has one and there is just nothing better than the double opening doors, especially with little ones and carseats. i'm sure you've seen this video already...

Sarah R.Conley said...

Vans are so "un-Cool" but they are soooo worth it! We love our Nissan Quest. We test drove the Sienna but ended up liking the quest better. It is really nice having the extra space. When my kids are older I want my Murano back. Im not a car girl but Man, that was a nice car.