Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why Hello Face

Yesterday, while Maxwell napped, Ella pulled a 'no way' and the two of us played outside. The weather is still great and I loved being able to give her all my attention. I mainly took these pictures because it was another rare occasion that she kept a rubber band in and I got to look at her sweet face. Today I'm hoping for pig tails.

Maxwell on the other hand, had an unfortunate accident with his locks. Due to his impulsive mother. Yesterday, while in his jammies, he was complaining about a tag that was itching his back. I pulled out the closest pair of scissors, they were quite large and clumsy. I snipped his tag, then looked at his face. He has only had one hair cut. And it was more of a trim. Lately his bangs have been kind of hanging in his face. So without thinking I took those big, clunky shears and cut across his forehead. Oops. I was going for the 'out of your face big boy look', but I regret to share that Max looks a little more like Lloyd than I'd like.

Don't do it Meg!

Oh, I did it alright. 

But if I keep his bangs swooped to the side, you can hardly tell. Right? 
Because little boys always keep their hair swooped to the side? Sigh...


mike and hillary said...

1. i can't even tell about his bangs.
2. he is seriously cute.
3. i LOVE ella's hair up.
4. her shirt is the cutest shirt i've ever seen.
5. she is also seriously cute.
6. we still have a phone date we need to get around to!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

They look precious on Max. I did the same thing to Henry once. They will grow fast!

danielle @ take heart said...

he is so cute. my boys both have those moose jammies :)

brian, meghan, finley, and adalaide said...

hahahaha. i laughed out loud at your swooping comments. he is still as adorable as ever!

Sarah R.Conley said...

MIke is still talking abou the first haircut that I gave Amaris... ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

hahaha so funny, i rocked the bowl cut for many years maybe max can carry on the tradition- David