Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Week, For Now

I don't know what the deal is but I haven't felt like taking pictures. And I usually blog because I have a picture. pictures, no blogging. But I did take a few this week. Here's what we were up to.

Sunday night, Mike and I used our gift certificate from Little Meg for sushi while the kids played with Gma Judie.

On my Mom's birthday she came up with her BFF J. We ate yummy Mexican food, had a special visit, and came up with GREAT ideas for Maxwell's room...hopefully we will finish soon and I can show you the's gonna be good!!! (I also received the most beautiful necklace for my birthday from J...thank you! I've worn it everyday!)

Early this week it was chilly and we spent all day inside. We made a pile of pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals. Then we rolled around and laughed. Until they got bored. (Which was wayyyyyy too soon for my liking).

Ella has become way more into her 'Pa,' her pacifier. I didn't mind it before because she was good about keeping it in her crib for naps and night time. But now she wants them all the time. Yes I said them. She has to have three going at once. Another battle I'm not quite ready to fight...but I do wish she'd just leave them alone.

Then we went to the children's museum with my Mom. (Thanks for our pass Blano!
We love going whenever we want!)

Ella does NOT like being told she can't drink the nasty, dirty water.

Finally, the weather got super warm. Warm like summer. Yesterday we played at home with our new picnic table from Grandma Judie (no pictures), but we loved soaking up the sun. At one point I felt like I should try to put them down for their nap or it wasn't going to happen. Instead of relaxing in their perfect cribs (like I wished I could), Ella pulled her 'No Way!' routine and Maxwell followed. Oh man is this awful. It's awful because, I NEED them to take a nap. I need just an hour to do whatever, by myself. But it's especially awful because it's so hard not to laugh. She can't see me, but I still feel like she knows she's being naughty and it's cute. (But obviously I don't think naughty is cute) This kills me. When Ella isn't tired and doesn't want to nap, she stands in her crib and yells, "No Way!" I don't know where she got this phrase, I must say it? But she will yell is over and over, never falling asleep. Maxwell usually always naps, but the weather had him so happy he chimed in too. No way.

Today we went to our twin friend's house to play. We haven't gotten together in awhile and it was so fun. Tara and I got to talk and we watched as our babies turned into toddler pals right before our eyes. They just seemed so...old. And independent. The weather was amazing and we got a sneak peak of how fun this summer will be with two year olds.

Look! Ella has a ponytail! It lasted FOUR HOURS!!! This is the longest I've tamed the mullet in, well, maybe ever. I loved it.

These pictures make me completely nostalgic. The babies used to prop their arms up on the stairs and rock back and forth. Now they own the stairs. They're up and down and all around. All day I just kept thinking, "They're so big!"

I love that Maxwell and Ella have Drew and Kaden as their friends. And I love their Momma. I still thank God for sending them to us. The babies were five months old when I was wondering the isles of Marshalls-completely sleep deprived, just wondering around, knowing it was important to be out. (Because I would have lost my mind if I didn't make myself leave the house, even though it was so hard to at the beginning). I turned the corner, about to leave, and I almost bumped into her stroller. I looked at the double Snap 'N Go, I saw her ginormous boobs, and I knew..."Twins?" I asked. She smiled. A real smile. Tara is better than any organized Mommy group I could imagine. She is encouraging, honest, and laughs with me when I need it. See, I told you, they're great.

So that was our week. And I guess it's only Thursday which means there's more to come.


molly june. said...

oh, maxwell & ella. you sure are cute. i could look at these pics all day. brings me back. the ponytail! YAY! such cute blonde locks. AHH. jealous.

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

The pictures of all the babies in their diapers are so cute.

I'm so jealous of your warm weather. I'm freezing my balls off here in Chicago.

Ella's pony is TOO cute. Keira's hair is almost long enough. Almost. She hates anything in her hair though so good luck to me on the pony.

The video of them yelling "No way!" is also adorable!! Love your munchins. They are so cute.