Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Update

We walked to the school and enjoyed an empty campus.

When we got home Ella escaped to the neighbor's front porch. She thinks this is her private veranda.


Sunday we took the kids to SLO. We walked around, road the carousel, then came home to play.

But the highlight of the trip was Santa. They didn't freak out, but they weren't really sure what to do. After a quick sit on the lap, they both got down to go. Maxwell turned around and Santa opened his arms up for a hug. Maxwell put his chin down but walked right up to him and Santa scooped him up again. Maxwell let him hug him and I heard Santa tell him, 'You are a very good boy!' So adorable I just enjoyed the moment instead of reaching for my camera.

Ella handled it better than last year...

The Cris Maxwell in me was delighted to see Santa had a bottle of Purell next to his stack of candy canes.

Mike and I also went to dinner and Maxwell and Ella went to their cousins. Thank you Aunt Tanya! Maxwell came home from their house with a recorder. He is very proud of the music that he makes. I'm sure there will be a video to go with that-after I resurrect the recorder from its hiding spot. The boy plays loud.

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~j~ said...

oh my Lord! I am rolling on the floor with laughter right now, one for the purell comment, how right you are!! and then for the look on Santa's face, is it my imagination or does he look a tad glazed?! ;))
Merry Christmas!!
love j