Wednesday, August 12, 2009

'What do you do?'

El hefe #1

El hefe #2

'So what do you do?' Simple question, right? A routine question we ask each other during awkward introductions and social gatherings. It's just dawning on me that I have to answer differently now. I used to feel proud to reply, 'I'm a school counselor.' A noble profession. A rewarding career. One that I worked so hard for and felt blessed to have. Now that I've chosen to stay home with the babies I find myself missing that part of me. My job did not define who I was, but I took pride in what I did. It felt good to have my own identity outside of being a wife and a step mom. At work I was valued for different skills and gifts.

The cut of my salary has been hard on us and I so appreciate the gift I have to stay home. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying that it's a weird feeling to answer the question differently. 'What do you do?' No matter how you spin it, you know it's a loaded question. We all come to conclusions based on the answer. If I ask you what you do and you tell me you work at the bowling alley, I'm going to have a different impression than if you tell me you are a writer for Rolling Stone magazine. It's not that I'm going to judge what you do, it's just that-well, some jobs are cooler than others. So when people now ask me 'What do you do?,' it feels a little different to answer, 'I'm at stay at home mom.' I know some moms get hyper defensive and reply, 'I'm a teacher, a taxi driver, a chef, a maid...'. Yes lady, we get the point. Though all those things may be true, I'm not looking to be a martyr in serving my family. I do those things out of love. All I'm saying is it feels different. When I really think about it, it's probably the coolest answer I could give. And my bosses are pretty cute too.

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Maggie May said...

Heck yes they are. I have to say, the kind of babies you make look just like the kind i make-= and i happen to think they are the best kind :)