Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One For the Baby Book

At a wise six months, here is the latest.
17 lbs. 15 oz.
25 3/4 "

13 lbs. 4 oz.
25 "

You are such a sweet and sensitive boy. You've turned into a ham and you make us laugh all the time! You are starting to initiate humor and you love to grab my face and drool all over me give me kisses. You know it makes me laugh, which in return makes you laugh, and you do it all over again. You fight sleep because you think you'll miss us. You are happiest right smack in between your father and I. You cuddle up and talk away. I love watching how you sit up by yourself. You are learning something new every day. In the mornings I put you and Ella in the crib together to roll around and play. When I come back into the room you are always holding on to her. You're either kissing her head or holding her hand. You are a love bug. You are a healthy boy with delicious chubby cheeks. We love to kiss and snuggle you!

Our beautiful girl. You are such an easy baby, sometimes I call you Ms. Independent. You enjoy routine and love your sleep. We put you down for bed and you are usually down for the night. You sleep in your own bed and you are the queen of the nursery. You consistently wake up happy and ready to start the day. You still start out your mornings with your Dad. You sit on his lap and smile away, turning your head from left to right, right to left- checking everything out. When I'm feeding you, you just can't stand it if someone else in in the room because you think you may be missing out on something. When your Dad walks in you have to stop and smile until you have his attention. We go out to run errands everyone stops us to visit. You coo at them all and your coy smile takes over your face. When you cry it's because you are hungry or tired. Once you are fed and rested you're ready for more action. You're starting to sit up by yourself but you're still a little wobbly. Sometimes we call you Little Vita, after your great grandmother. When you aren't chewing on your fingers, you hold your hands together in front of you just like she does. How do you know how to do that? You are petite and beautiful. You are our joy and we love you.

Being a Mom is every cliche come true. There are no words to describe the love I feel . A few things I've learned these past six months are...

* If one baby is sleeping, nursing lying down is the best thing ever. At first I was embarrassed that it looked kind of silly and then I realized that my boobs are as big as my babies heads and no matter how I breastfeed- I am certain to look silly. Even though I can only feed one at a time this way, if the other baby is sleeping I can also drift backache...zzz...cuddle with baby...zzz...

* When my babies smile at me, the world is perfect. I don't care if it's the middle of the night and I'm exhausted and cranky. When Maxwell or Ella smile, I melt.

* I love Mike now more than ever. I love that he is completely a part of the babies lives. I love that he's at every doctor appointment. I love that when he reads this he'll think, "Well of course I am, I'm their father." Because even though they should be, not all Dads are that way. He's an awesome Dad.

* It doesn't matter what anyone else says. People constantly give me unsolicited babble and opinions advice but at the end of the day, Mike and I decide what's best for Max and Ella. No matter how much I agree or disagree with what people say, we are the experts on our babies and no one can argue that. If we decide our baby should sleep in it's own bed all night, that's fine. If we decide it's OK for our baby to sleep with us, that's fine. See? We get to be the bosses.

* My favorite product to date is the Baby Bjorn. Both babies LOVE dangling as an extension of Mike or I and almost never cry when we tote them around.

* Twins are two different people. They may have been carried at the same time, but Maxwell and Ella are such individuals. Maxwell loves night time while Ella is our morning girl. They are siblings but they already have their own personalities and preferences. And they complement each other quite well.

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Michael said...

You are such a good mother. I can't tell you how much those kids are going to appreciate this when they get older. My roomate and I were just looking at the videos and thinking, "Wow, I wish we had stuff like this. Technology is such a blessing." I miss those babies; give them a kiss for me and let them know their big brother loves them.

PS the four of us are so lucky to have such an amazing father. He really is the best dad.