Sunday, January 4, 2009


Feels like lots of changes...and no changes all at the same time. Tomorrow I would normally be starting back to work. Tonight I would be thinking about certain students, knowing their circumstances, and wondering how things went for them over break. But instead I'm at home lying on the couch or in bed. I'm glad because my body is tired when I'm out- it's just a weird feeling. I hope I can continue with this type of bed rest. I'm still allowed out for a couple hours a day. I know other people who were (Mom) on bed rest literally could not leave their bed. I am appreciative that so far I still have freedom to move in moderation.

We rang in the New Year the best way I could imagine. Out to dinner for burgers and fries, and in bed to watch TV by 9:00. What a difference a year makes. New Years was my birthday. The big 28, and Mike and I had an awesome day. I used my allotted time out of the house and we toured our two local hospitals. We felt good about both of them. It gave me this unbelievable feeling of, 'This is really happening.' We went out to lunch and Mike spent the rest of the day relaxing with me. It was good to have company on the couch :)

Our remodel is progressing. Below are pictures of Little Maegann's room finished. The photos don't show just how cute it is. I'm telling you...CUTE! And the floors are beautiful! Click for a reminder of the before pics.

Below is Meg's old room...the new nursery. Here are before pictures. Can't wait until this room takes shape. We're painting it brown and white. It's going to be so stinking cute.

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Sandra said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Meghan! I remember it very well when you entered this world as the first baby of the new year to so many people just waiting to welcome you.