Friday, December 26, 2008

Pregnant: 27 Weeks

Baby boy's face looking at us. Sister is being bashful as usual, giving us the back of her head

Dear Babies,
Hello sweet ones. We just celebrated our first Christmas with you in our lives. I kept thinking that at this time next year we get to introduce you to our family traditions and create new ones. At 27 weeks we are becoming quite the cozy threesome. I feel you moving constantly! At our Dr. appointment last week we saw that you had done a somersault baby girl! Your brother's head had been down, while yours had been up, but now you are both feet up dancing in my tummy. The doctor told me I am done with work. My back hurts and I continue to feel a lot of pressure so I am officially on modified bed rest. You are so fragile and special that we have to do everything we can to keep you growing inside me. It feels bittersweet. Part of me is not ready to give up working, but then I realize it is not about me anymore. It is about you two....and that makes everything OK. So do keep me company these last few months as we relax and grow together. Our family is doing an awesome job taking care of us. They are shopping, cooking and cleaning. Your Dad is working hard balancing it all and finishing the house so that once you get here you can have all our attention. We talk to you all the time. Can you hear us? We tell you how much we love you and how excited we are to finally meet you. I pray for you and ask the Lord to give you the gift of joy. My wish for you is to have the spirit of laughter and contentment. You babies still have me craving hot chocolate from Starbucks. It's horribly overpriced and unpractical, but I really don't want to upset you so I suppose I should continue to give in :) Your Dad took your sister snowboarding for the weekend so I am on my way to Santa Maria to lay on the couch and get spoiled by your Grandma. We will be very comfortable! Love you so much.

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Congrats on making it to 27 weeks so far! That's really good for your sweet babies. And you look gorgeous! Blessings to you and yours. And make sure you get that much needed rest. :)