Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Road Trip to New Mexico!

Lots of catching up to do...We returned Sunday from a WONDERFUL week long vacation. It was my Grandmother's 75th birthday in Las Cruces, New Mexico. We had talked about going but not really committed. Mike knew how much I wanted to go so I got a call at work that we were going to load up the motor home and make a road trip out of it. We had such a great time and it felt so good to just get away. My mother-in-law Judie came with us and our adventure began in Las Vegas...
Mike met up with friends to watch one of our local buddies ride in an endurocross race and Judie and I hit the slot machines. She had better luck than I did. I started to get tired and achy and was pretty much over it...until we found the mall. It was a mother of malls. I could have spent a week in the Macy's.

We parked our motor home at some friends property in Henderson, NV. They spoiled us with breakfast the next morning and Mike made friends with their horse Gumbo. Our friends kept telling Mike that he would bite, but Mike thought he was horse whisperer. This little sucker may look like My Little Pony, but he quickly showed Mike who was boss when he snipped at his arm.

After Vegas, we drove on to Flagstaff, AZ and camped at a K.O.A. Mike and I showed off our skills on the miniature golf course at the camp ground.

From Flagstaff, we drove through Sedona and Mike and Judie took helicopter ride through the mountains.

When Mike was at the motorcycle race with his buddies he bought these adorable onesies for the twins. I don't know what's cuter...the little logos on the front of these, or the fact that I can picture him with a beer in his hand hanging out with the guys stopping at this vendor because he was thinking about his babies. Ohhhh. Cute.

Sedona mountains

We made it to Las Cruces on Tuesday, just in time for Blano's (my Grandma) birthday dinner. We were treated to a seven course meal at this incredible Hacienda off the beaten path. We had the facility to ourselves and writing about it does not describe how beautiful it is. Not only did we enjoy fine dinning and festivities, but it was our first day there and we were excited to catch up with family. Aunts, Uncles, and cousins came from Washington and California. We were also welcomed by our local cousins in Cruces. So much fun!

I was bad with taking pictures once we got to New Mexico. I don't have many of my family. Here we are at dinner with Mike, birthday girl Blano, Dean, and Aunt Joanne.
Mom and I. We are smiling because we're happy to see each other...and because the table behind us was FILLED with jars of candy and chocolate. Yummy!!!

The beautiful dinner table.

Mom and Blano. One of my favorite parts of dinner was hearing everyone share special memories of Blano. We took turns honoring her with stories and recollections.

Mike and I.

Would you look at the belly? This might have been my favorite spot during our time in Cruces. Sitting/laying on Blano's bed talking with all the ladies. I was completely spoiled during the trip, napping often and eating lots.

Mom and Blano in the kitchen Thanksgiving day.

Mike, Judie and I at our cousin's pecan plant.

It was so great to see everyone. I loved watching how the Becks and Blanchards quickly became one family. My only complaint is that the time went by too quickly. Love you was wonderful!

p.s. Road trips in a motor home are the BEST when you are pregnant and you have an excuse to lay down in the back and rest. Mike drove 15 hours home on Saturday. Judie was an awesome co-pilot. I napped, ate, and read. What? I had to take care of the babies.

Thanks Mike, you're my hero :)


Cristine said...

Ditto everything written only I somehow didn't get in on the 'nap time'??? I am thankful for being part of a family that wants to spend time together!! It may have been Blano's birthday but we all received the same gift of love and friendship! Thanks for making the trip Becks, you were definitely the surprise to the party!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. I am glad that you were able to spend time with your family. You look are that beautiful pregnant girl that we always hoped we would look like. Miss you. Crystal

Brian, Meghan, and Finley said...

Meghan!!! Your preggy belly is so precious! I hope that you are feeling well...