Friday, July 25, 2008

I miss my friends

Yesterday I laughed harder than I have in months. I met my friend Molly in Santa Barbara- how did I forget how good it feels to be around a best friend? Either we are both the funniest people around, or we get so delirious that everything we say is hilarious!

I met Molly (and other girls below) my freshman year of college at Azusa Pacific University. We instantly bonded and spent the next four years living together and creating all those memories that make people say, 'College was the best years of my life.' You know those people you just instantly click with? That's these girls: Molly, Hillary, Stef, and other Megs.

We somehow thought we were cool by spending our days playing laser tag and dancing to the Pretty Woman soundtrack. Together we went to our first real college party. It was Halloween, so clearly we wanted to show up in the best costumes ever. Our superhero costumes were superior as we sported painted faces, bathing suits, towels for capes, and weapons (obviously I carried a torch of terror). We were slightly embarrassed that we were the only ones dressed up. Note to self: college parties mean dress like a slut, do not carry around a fake weapon. We sold and performed singing telegrams to raise money on Valentines Day and danced it up at APU's annual lip sync contest. Fortunately, as we got older we graduated to slightly more mature activities such as daily happy hour at Acapulco and ALIAS marathons (I am aware that doesn't sound much cooler, but trust was an improvement).

During these years, the girls became my family. We were all raised in Christian homes and we were on our own for the first time. We were silly, but we had such meaningful relationships. We talked for hours about our faith, friendships, and families. We would dream about what our lives would be like in the future: What would our careers be? Who would we marry? Where would we live? What would we name our kids? Would sex hurt? (I know, this question in college... amazing.)

Our conversations haven't changed much. There is such a comfort in being completely accepted by best friends. Nothing is forced and it is OK to just be. As I get older, I'm finding that these friendships are rare. When I leave these girls I feel uplifted and happy. I am proud of each of them. We are fulfilled in our jobs and we love the new families we've created.

I miss my friends.

Apparently we thought this looked cool

Molly and Megs x 2

Our trip to Laughlin

Molly's wedding: our first time together with all of our husbands

Hill's wedding: Favorite reception highlight was when Matt burst the champagne bottle during the speeches

My wedding, the last time we were all together


Cristine said...

You girls were 'cool'!! And yes, true meaningful friendships are rare and meant to be treasured! As your mother, I was so blessed that you had each other to grow up with and create such amazing memories!!


you went to apu? what year did you graduate? small world.


yeah, i went to apu after i graduated from morro bay high school. went there from 1996-97. then because of finances, i came home and continued at cal poly slo. my sister graduated from apu in 2003. don't know if you knew her... anne wright. whatever the case, small world.