Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Handyman Can

I still can't believe that at 27 years old I own a home and property...thank you Mike! As we work on the house, I'm reminded how blessed I am that for the most part Mike has the skills to do the improvements himself. People ask me specifically what Mike does in construction and I find myself telling them, "He can do anything." I often swell with pride when talking about my husband, it's easy to brag about him. If there is ever anything he can't do on his own, Mike's friends are quick to jump in to help. They each bring their own area of expertise. Collectively they are welders, electricians, plumbers, excavators...the list is endless! They are incredibly gracious with their equipment and time. It's an amazing community of friends.That's another one of Mike's gifts...the man knows people. Granted he's lived in this town for most of his life, Mike knows people wherever he goes. There is always someone who knows someone who can get the job done.

Our latest project is the master bathroom remodel. It turned out perfectly. It is now my favorite room in the house. I love, love, love it! Mike had some guys do the tile and he wrapped up the rest. Here are some before and after pictures:

Mike demos the ugly floral tile...

In with the mother-in-law Judie helped me pick the paint color, she's got style :)

The pebbles remind me of being at the beach...

These cabinets are the best! You slam the door and the hinges close them slowly so they never slam. Amazing.

We're waiting for a glass shower door

Why, look at this! A place to shave my legs!

I have dubbed this bathroom my personal day spa. The pictures don't do it justice~


Cristine said...

What a guy Mike is..he obviously knows his wifes love language cause she sure sounds happy!! Beautiful craftsmanship! It is a true day spa!

brian & meghan said...

i'm so excited that you have a blog. i love stalking my friends and i'm happy to add you to the list!
i hope so badly that all these pills and needles work. i can't imagine how hard it must be (the bruises on your tummy looked painful)! Thankfully, Mike is able to keep you laughing through all this...there's nothing like a little sexual humor to lighten the mood, in my opinion!
can't wait for more updates...


Michelle said...

i am extrememly jealous of your lil corner to shave in...i just moved in with a dear friend and her 3 year old daughter. day 2 we tried to change the shower head, it busted IN THE WALL! now we all take turns taking baths :) i love it! haha!