Thursday, June 26, 2008


June 27, today you are 21. Wait, haven't you been 21 for a couple of years now?

(That must be fruit punch?)

The day I met you I got to your house and your Dad wasn't home yet. No formal introduction, just you and me. You were sitting on the bed in your Dad's room with a People magazine. I plopped down next to you and we bonded over celebs and a bag of chips (no change for us there). I was amazed at how mature you were. People comment on how different you and your Dad are, but I know better. You have your father's clever wit, commitment to your family, and at times your mannerisms are identical.

People smile whenever you are around. Your Dad tells me it's always been this way. He says that you were the happiest baby and you loved to make everyone laugh. I am so proud of all that you've taken on. Working two jobs, going to school, president of GALA, and still you have the fullest social life of anyone I know. Honestly, I feel famous when I'm out with you. Sit down at a table and-boom! a bottle of bubbly is sent over. Go out dancing and not only is it straight to the front of the line, but no cover for us 'she's related to Michael' they whisper as we waltz in, VIP style. I am the luckiest stepmom alive. That's all the fun stuff, but I truly am proud of the person you are. I treasure our friendship and love you so very much.

You're going to have an awesome time in Vegas, have a wonderful 21st birthday Michael Charles Beck!

I love you~

You both look like baby boys

Mike with Michael

Michael and Maegann at the lake

Mike and Michael

Christmas Eve ice skating tradition, brother and sister

Michael trying to get Dave Hovey's attention, clearly trying to get on the news

Because I'm a wicked stepmother :)

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Michael said...

Thank you Meghan! That was the best birthday card I've ever got. You are the best and I love you so much. I wish you could be here in Vegas with us, but I know that it's for a good reason. I hope that everything works out and I have two little brothers or sisters soon!

Love you,