Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Maxwell With No Training Wheels!


A couple nights ago you asked your Dad to take the training wheels off your big boy bike. We've mentioned it to you before but you weren't ready. And that's OK. We've learned this about you. We can't tell you to do something until you feel comfortable. If we push too hard, you shut down and take three steps back. So we waited, and two nights ago you were ready. Daddy and I were sooo excited to see ride your bike without training wheels! You were amazing! Not just because you did it so easily, but because you were brave and tried something new. Last night you wanted to try again- and you did so well. We are so, so proud of you son. I love watching you do things for the first time. We love you!




Cristine said...

Maxwell that looked so fun...you are doing such a great job balancing, pedaling and have even figured out how to make turns! I can't wait to come over and watch you ride your bicycle!

Cristine said...

PS...Mike way to go with all the running and encouraging you did for your son, you were awesome !