Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Catch Up

The past week my computer hasn't been accepting my media reader, so I haven't been able to download photos. And what's a blog post without photos? I tried again this morning and for whatever reason it worked. I've got a few minutes until we are meeting friends so here's a quick update on what we've been up to.

On being prepared...
Back when I used to work for real, there was nothing like walking into work feeling behind. Because there's always something else that immediately piles on to the 'to do list,' and it's exhausting to feel like you're always playing catch up. The same is similar in my role at home. Things go so much better when I'm prepared. Little example: usually during nap time I do laundry and pick up the house and enjoy silence. Which doesn't take long. Then I play around on the computer or do something mindless, rarely something productive. Before I know it, someone wakes up or forfeits quiet time and they are demanding drink/food/what are we doing next- and I'm usually kind of annoyed. Not only have I not accomplished anything during this time, but I feel like I'm immediately being needed.

The other day during nap time, I went on my pinterest board of activities for kids. You know, the board that is full of activities I've never actually tried. I found a few quick math games to make. Took FIVE minutes. Then I set them out on their table. Next, I remembered the fun cups my Mom had gotten the kids and I thought about how fun it would be for them to wake up and find these waiting for them. THEN I thought about how they always want something to eat as soon as they get up so I put snacks out too. Finally, no joke, I was excited for them to wake up and see what was waiting on their table for them. Would they like their games? Would they be good at them? Would they find the clothespin activity too easy or too hard? When they did wake up it was fun. They saw what I had put out and acted like it was a special treat. So instead of them whining and demanding, their needs were already met.

Same goes with meal planning. Completely takes the stress out of what to cook. I hate when it's five o'clock and I haven't started anything so I get grumpy and everyone starts to get needy and I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO MAKE. Or cleaning my house, or doing laundry, etc...whatever.

The Truth: I've only done this two more times during nap time. The rest of the time I was either reading the new Lucky magazine or looking at Craigslist for things I don't need. And I don't meal plan. And my house is picked up but not clean.


In other news...we've hired some amateur contractors to work on Mike's tractor. 


And we've been trying to enjoy the last of these summer nights, because our days have been blazing hot. Not so much more than usual, but we got our PG&E bill and almost passed out because it was SO HIGH $$$. We are attempting to finish summer without AC. 

Yesterday was our first day to Avila Valley Barn in months. It was fun to see all the pumpkins growing in the fields. Won't be long until we get to bring pumpkins home! 

That's it for now. I'm running late so I'm not going to proof read. Bye :)


rozanny said...

I rarely ever prepare for anything but an outing... but I agree, when I do it's amazing!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

I'm so bad. If I can get both kids to nap - I nap too! LAZY. :-)

Love Ella's boots and dress!