Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap: Awesome!

We spent Thanksgiving in Tahoe with friends and it was AWESOME (do I sound like an 80's movie? when I really want to stress how great something is, I always go back to 'awesome,'...because it was). Michael didn't end up coming :(, but other than that, it was a great trip. Here's a blurry picture of the house we rented. It was huge. And beautiful.

The kids were enthralled with the Foosball table. Mike was the Foos champion of the weekend.

Night #1: Some serious card games went down. These boys are Tallon and Noah: the sweetest, most fun and patient boys our kids could have asked for. They humored our kids with pillow fights over, and over, and over.

Day Two: Casino adventure. The kids played and I took at brief visit upstairs to the $.01 slots. $5.00 kept me entertained for 20 min. Then I was over it. (Blano, do you remember our trip to the casino? I think I won $75 and I thought I had won the moon! That was such a fun visit).

Thanksgiving Day: I kid you not, Mike made Thanksgiving dinner for all of us. I posed for a picture and peeled maybe three potatoes, but Mike made us the MOST AMAZING prime rib dinner. It was so, so good.

Fireplace posed pictures.

My girl and I.

Now the Barrett's turn.

Feeding our faces. Before we ate we went around and did the traditional 'This year I'm thankful for...'. Without missing a beat, Maxwell said he was thankful for, "Toy Story1, Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3."
Ella looked at me and said, "Me thank my Mommy." Cue Mommy's teared up eyes.

Black Friday: South Lake Tahoe does not have much in the way of get up really early and you'll get a huge TV for cheap. But we did find a Pier 1. And a Kmart. But they didn't have much. We ended up ditching a girl's spa day to drive 25 min. to Carson City in search of great deals. And the funny thing is, I ended up buying things at Costco and The Dollar Tree that I could have bought any day of the year. But being with Maeg and going out on 'Black Friday' made it way better than shopping at these stores at home.

The lake was a two minute walk from our 'home.' So pretty.

Maeg and Zack. We obviously love her. But we like him too. A lot. (If you press zoom, you can see his blond mustache that I made fun of all weekend. Oh, No Shave November, you are killing me).

Five of my favorite people.

The trip was great. The only thing missing was Michael (that, and there was no snow). But this makes me extra excited for Christmas. As I'm typing this Maxwell and Ella are watching a Christmas movie and we have glowing candy canes lighting up our lawn. Every year since I've had the kids, I've said everything just keeps getting better. And this year, it's even better. Hearing Ella talk about the North Pole and Maxwell talk about how he has to go to sleep because Santa is going to come makes me glow from the inside out. Having two, at two and a half is awesome! (see..the word just fits).


~j~ said...

what a great time! Thank you for giving us a sneak peek into your thanksgiving holiday!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

It looks so pretty there and what a fun trip for you!! Christmas with kids is better than anything else. It really makes the holiday's better!