Monday, November 7, 2011


We've been house bound with little sickies. Maxwell and Ella have had strep throat but I can tell they're getting better, Maxwell is running around chasing Ella with a flashlight and she's screaming "Save me Mommy!" I'm tempted to use this post to vent about cleaning up vomit, having to wash their 'blankies' at 2:00 a.m., and never ending sleepless nights- but that's just the deal when you've got sick kids. Instead, here are some of the things that have been making me smile. Oh, the things they say.

Maxwell: Whenever he's been naughty to Ella I know it before she even has a chance to cry. I hear him across the house tell her, "It's OK Ella! It's OK! I'm your best friend!"

Ella: If she's not crying hard because she's hurt, she'll reply, "Behave little boy!" Which is hilarious to me. I rarely say 'behave' and I always call him 'big boy.' She came up with this one on her own.

Maxwell: "Knock it off!" This isn't necessarily cute, but they both have been telling everyone to knock it off when they don't like what's going on. This one they did learn from me. Oops.

Ella: "OK Captain Mommy!" Ever since Halloween they have both, especially Ella, been calling me Captain Mommy. What? I have no idea. There was never any mention from me that I was going to be Captain anything. They are into Peter Pan...really? I'm trying to to be offended by the comparison to Hook.

Whenever I ask an open question to both of them, like, "Who's hungry?" or "Who did this?" Maxwell always replies, "Not me! Not Ella!"

The sayings go on and on but let me think, what else has been going on? One of my best friend's, Molly, came to visit me with her two little ones! We has such a great time and I can't wait to do it again soon. We're four hours apart, but we need to get together more. I love, love, love her. And the kids all had so much fun playing together. Both Maxwell and Ella were totally infatuated with her 8 month old (I think he's 8 months?) baby Ben. Ella was 100% concerned with what he was doing at all times. She is still asking for him. And Maxwell has told me a couple times that 'BB' (Vivi) can ride his motorcycle.

My keyboard hasn't been working so I haven't liked the computer. At all. It's better now.

Mike is working out of town Monday-Thursday so we get a little lonely during the weeks. What I mean to say is I miss my husband and I get a little crazy from the lack of interaction with friends.

Michael is now a TV star and he makes me smile. And hold my breath because I get nervous to watch. And then smile again because, it's just him being him.

No matter how many times I pick up my house, it's dirty and I miss the days when we both worked and I spent money on unimportant but such gratifying things like designer jeans and a house cleaner.

I guess that's it. The kids are quiet which probably means something bad is happening. The past two days during the quiet spells I've found a roll of stamps used as stickers/sharpie on the hands and arms/Burt's Bees shampoo dumped on the carpet/a glow stick broken and gone everywhere (even the eyes, ouch!)/water bottles dumped on the carpet/my pictures from college scattered around my closet floor...I'll just stop here and go check on them.

Before they got bad and we thought they were just feeling crummy, we played outside during a break from the rain. Mike tuned up their motorcycles.

Bigs flashed me one of his million dollar smiles.

Ella asked for it to rain so she could catch rain in her bucket.

Her quote: "Oh rain! Where are you?!"

Smile gone. Ready to go inside.

If you're still reading, you've made it to the end. This is what happens when I don't blog for awhile.


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Sorry you've had the sickies to deal with. I love the funny things your kids are saying! Kids are so much work but so rewarding. :-)

Cristine said...

I sure do love my grandbabies, love hearing all the great stories you share...such fun personalities!!! It should rain again later this week so Ella can catch some raindrops!

bethany said...

i like what happens when you don't blog for a while! the insight into your real everyday moments are so awesome, i completely relate meghan! thanks for sharing your frustrations and your joys. there are designer jeans in our future.

brian, meghan, finley, and adalaide said...

i've been watching the show, so when hill told me michael was going to be on, i was so excited. i kept yelling to the other room at brian "he's on again. he just referenced his family!! He's basically talking about Meghan!" He's so sweet, and it looks like he'll have lots more on screen time! how fun!

Mrs. Davis said...

Sometimes I think we have the same life, lol. Kids have been sick, Ben's at school til late mon-thurs... :) I totally understand about not getting enough interaction. We should just move to CA :)